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A best friend will stay by your sude no matter what will happen, how bad and how stupid your doing is, a best friend will forgive you.a best friend is trust worthy, open, loving and soend the whole day with your best friend, and yet never get sick of her.a best friend is a tressure which will stay there forver, whether youdounf new frinds, a guy, husband, or anything nothing will ver replace a best friend...a best friend knows all your secrets, she doenst try to forget them but she keeps them for herself.a best friend will come to you even if she is miles away, she'll brag to her other friends aout how u are until tehy all get jeleous. a best friend is the bets gift a person can give itself. but remeber, if your bestf friend creatisizes you, lower you all the time and gives you a bad attitude lnow taht this is a fake friendship and not a real pne(something like i had) and another thing, a best friend will see the sadness through your smile, and will be there to support and ask you whats wring when no one else can see that you are sad or upset...i had all of this and now its gonell of my friends are best friends.. but one is the bestest. Our friendship grows stronger and stronger every day, but our friendship cannot get better because it is already perfect.. Definition of best friend? Someone who knows everything about You and loves You anyway. Someone You can trust 110 percent knowing that they will be there for You whatever You go through, never judging and never gossiping to others about Your problems. Someone You can sit with for hours without saying a word and have the best time anyway. Someone who knows how You are feeling just by looking into Your eyes, or through just the hello greeting they get when they call You. Someone who trusts You 110 percent also. 'best friend' is as difficult to describe as 'love' because it is 'love' without the chemistry.. Sorry, hmm turned out to be a long post, but have still cut it short.. I could write about the good points of my bestest friendship forever and it would still not describe it
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How to Become a Magnet for Friends: 7 Mindful Tips
By Mary Jaksch

“Always be mindful of the kindness and not the faults of others.” ~Buddha

Would you like to have more friends? I mean true friends–people who laugh and cry with you.

My close friends mean the world to me. They are there for me when I need them. When they’re on a high, I celebrate with them; when they fall, I help them up again. My life is so much richer because of my friends.

But it hasn’t all been an easy ride. For example, one of my best friends is my ex-husband. It took years of work to move through heart-ache, anger, grief, and resentment in order to find the strong friendship we have now. To create a true friendship takes a lot of effort and dedication.

A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one’s heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away. ~Arabian ProverbAnnouncement: Wish you could change your past? Take a 5-minute quiz to feel better about life!
25 Ways to Be a True Friend
By Lori Deschene

“Don’t wait for people to be friendly. Show them how.” -Unknown

The other night I called an old friend I hadn’t talked to in a while. As we caught up, shared stories, and laughed over private jokes that would sound ridiculous had the phone been tapped, I wondered why I let so much time go by since I’d last given her a call.

We don’t live close to each other so grabbing a drink or hitting up a yoga class isn’t an option. But really connecting with her, sharing pieces of my life, and receiving the pieces she wants to give doesn’t require specific geography.

We can be great friends to each other, despite the distance, if we choose to make the effort. If we remember to make the time, we can have those types of meaningful, fulfilling conversations that make us feel seen, understood, appreciated, and supported.

Then I started to think about all the times when I’ve gotten busy and lost touch with friends who live right down the street–times when I got caught up in everything going on in my life and forgot to nurture my relationships.

We need meaningful connections with other people.

Not everyone has to be a close friend, but it’s integral to our happiness that we show people who we truly are, allow ourselves to know them in return, and then remind each other through actions—small or large—that we care.

We never need to be or feel alone in this world, but it’s up to us to create and allow opportunities to be together, enjoy each other, and be there for each other. It’s up to us to make our relationships priorities.

With this in mind, I recently asked on Facebook, “What does it mean to be a true friend?” I compiled some of the ideas that resonated strongly with me (some of them paraphrased or slightly altered for ease of reading).

Here’s what Tiny Buddha readers had to say:

1. Always be there, even in silence. (Nerrisa Nam)

2. Be kind and listen. Be fun and light. Be serious when needed, love extensively, and forgive always. (Sandra Lumb)

3. Don’t be scared to tell each other the truth no matter how difficult it may be. (Eva Valencia)

4. Guide each other in times of need with your honest opinions. (Ashna Singh)

5. A true friend is someone who always listens and is genuinely interested in the good and bad, and someone who calls or writes just to say hello. (Kimberly McCarthy)

6. Be loyal in confidence and character, always open and inviting to share concerns, always honest even if you disagree. (Peggy Turner Beatty)

7. A true friend tries his best to cheer you up when you are upset and makes you feel special. (Kalpana Tewani)

8. Try and improve their life though your friendship. (Barry Cassidy)

9. Be who you truly are—be that vulnerable–and provide the other person the space, safety and choice to do the same. (Cynthia Ruprecht Hunt)

10. Be genuinely happy when they get, receive, or achieve something you truly desire. (Heather Tucker)

Funny Friend Quotes

Funny Friend Quotes

Funny Friend Quotes

Funny Friend Quotes

Funny Friend Quotes

Funny Friend Quotes

Funny Friend Quotes

Funny Friend Quotes

Funny Friend Quotes

Funny Friend Quotes

Funny Friend Quotes


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